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Best Waveboards for streetsurfing

THE BEST Caster Boards 2022

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Good Waveboards to buy

Streetsurfing Waveboard Casterboard

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Razor RipStik DLX Caster Board

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Street Surfing The Wave Original Waveboard

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Schildkröt Waveboard Good Vibes casterboard

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Street Surfing Waveboard Double Wheel Scooter Caster Board

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Ridge Skateboards Caster Board

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WHAT IS A WAVEBOARD / Casterboard?

With the waveboard (also called street surfer) you don’t ride like a skateboard by pushing (by pushing forward), but you make wave-like movements with your legs. The right technique is important. If you had to compare it with other means of locomotion, a snowboard comes closest. The special thing about a Streetsurfer is the construction, because it stands out completely from all its skate relatives.


First of all you should get to know the structure, because it is already something special. A Waveboard consists of 3 components. On the one hand from the decks. These are not curved like the skateboard, but completely straight. You will stand on them later. The decks are connected by a torsion bar, which later supports the wave movements.

Here there is a second variant: The Maxboard. In this model the decks and the middle piece are made of one piece. The material is a fiberglass-plastic mixture, but still very rubbery.

Both variants have a roller (and wheel suspension) under the deck. The wheels can be compared to those of inline skates. There are different degrees of hardness. If you plan to ride fast through the streets, the hard tires would be the most suitable for you. For all those who want to take it easy and want to keep their feet on the ground, you should choose soft tyres or a mixture of hard and soft. Now that you know how a waveboard works, it’s time to get down to business.


waveboard deck

Unfortunately, as with so many products, the same applies here as well: the more expensive, the better. A cheap board usually consists of cheap plastic. Wouldn’t be so problematic, if it would be stable because of that. Only that such a Waveboard for beginners can also break sometimes. So you should pay attention to the thickness and the material.

Tip: Buy a Waveboard with Griptape, this provides a better grip.


The torsion bar consists of a spring which is installed in a tube. This is very susceptible, since the inflexible plastic tube can tear if it is stretched too much. Therefore you should also pay attention to how well the rod is installed. The Maxboard offers a very good alternative here, more on this below.


wheel suspension/rolls waveboard

The degree of hardness is the crux of the matter. A tip: Hardness grade 85A is the perfect key figure. Sometimes one of the most important factors is the size of the rollers. The bigger, the better, because with larger wheels the resistance to the ground is minimized. The wheel suspension is designed to allow the wheel to move freely through 360 degrees. Therefore, you should see to what extent this runs smoothly. If you want to buy an expensive waveboard, the wheel suspension also has the function of resetting the wheel with a return spring. This makes the riding feeling more pleasant.


The lighter the board, the more stable you stand on it and the faster you progress.


If you decide to buy a waveboard, you will get much more than just a board. Due to the unique movement a riding fun is created, which is comparable to snowboarding. If you like snowboarding, you will have a lot of fun with this vehicle. All those who are only interested in getting from A to B should buy a penny board for a reasonable price. Besides, a Waveboard is timeless. Many adults use it to stay in shape. Because when riding, the leg, back and pelvic muscles are trained.


Between 25 $ – 180 $ a Streetsurfer moves so. We could find out that a waveboard for beginners around 40+ $ meets the normal requirements. The high priced products are especially recommended for advanced surfers who are going to the limit.


Just like any other sport, learning is the name of the game.

Rule number one: Don’t get discouraged. No master has ever fallen from the sky.

There is a wonderful tutorial to help you get started: