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Best Stunt Scooters


Osprey Stunt Scooter*

  • Brands: Osprey
  • Device: Stunt Scooter

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Albott Stunt Scooters*

  • Brands: Albott
  • Device: Stunt Scooter

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Mongoose Stunt Scooter*

  • Brands: Mongoose
  • Device: Stunt Scooter

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The best stunt / trick scooters

Albott Stunt Scooters Tricks Scooter Freestyle Street Scooters

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Ridge Scooters XT PRO 100 Complete stunt scooter

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Ridge XT300 Robust Pro Stunt Scooter

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Albott Trick Scooter Freestyle Stunt Scooters

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Arcade Defender Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter Best Trick Scooter

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BOLDCUBE Stunt Scooter Freestyle Scooter Trick Stunt Scooters

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The Stunt Roller is a modified City Roller. Typical features are found in its construction, weight and driving style. The Stunt Scooter for beginners is much heavier, more compact and more robust than the conventional scooter. The reason for this change are tricks. The trend developed rapidly through the X Games (2012) in America. The main advantage over other sports, such as Longboard for beginners, is the quick success, because it is relatively easy to learn bunny hops (jumps), 180 (scooter and body rotate 180°). This provides many opportunities to further develop your skills on the park while the longboarder is still learning to ride.


To answer this question, you should be clear whether you want to buy a “finished” stunt scooter, or put one together. Basically it is recommended especially for beginners to buy a finished model, because it is cheaper. Besides, as a beginner you don’t have that much knowledge about the material, because you will get it only with time. In addition, there is the danger that you will not enjoy it as much as you originally thought, so you avoid throwing a lot of money out of the window unnecessarily. But well, the decision is up to you. First of all you have to understand how a Stunt Scooter for beginners is built.


deck stunt scooter

This is the part you’ll be standing on later. There are light and heavy decks. With light decks you can do tricks much easier, but it has the negative property of breaking more easily Stunt Scooter Deck. A heavy deck is accordingly more resistant to breakage. Unfortunately, tricks are also harder with it. Besides the weight, the shape is also decisive. There are wide, short, long and more curved decks. You should make the whole thing depend on your size.

The bigger you and your feet are, the wider and longer your deck should be. But do not overdo it too much with the width. The reason for this is the loss of ground clearance. As a result, a fall is inevitable. Since 2009 decks are also available in curved form (Concave). The advantage results from the grip, because it is higher than a flat deck. However, this is not absolutely necessary. All factors mentioned can vary according to taste. These are only tips to increase your riding fun a little bit more.


No, this isn’t about the headphones, if that’s what you were thinking. Rather, it’s a critical component. A headset makes the rotation of the handlebars possible. Unfortunately it is very vulnerable. Therefore, you should invest more in this component.


This component connects your bars to the deck. There are several systems:

  • SCS
  • TCS
  • IHC

If this will be your first stunt scooter, you don’t need to consider the factors further at first. This will become relevant later.


bars stunt scooter

Aluminium or steel is used for this component. If Scooter Baryou have more money at your disposal, we clearly recommend an aluminium bar. Aluminium has the advantage of being lighter and at the same time stable. In view of this, it has a positive effect on the tricks. Besides the material, the width is another factor to consider. The bar should be as wide as your shoulders.

Later, when you know your preferences, the width becomes a relevant factor. Wider bars are especially suitable for no hands, manuals and other tricks. In contrast, shorter handlebars make barspins easier. If the bar is too long for you, you can always cut it shorter afterwards. Regarding the height, the general recommendation is: between thigh and hip.


stunt scooter rolls

The rollers differ in hardness and shape. There are rollers whose profile tapers to a point. This reduces resistance and makes your Stunt Scooter for beginners faster. Flatter profile Rollers blackwears less quickly and has a higher grip. If this will be your first scooter, you can disregard the shape, because you will only notice the difference when you have ridden both versions.

You can see how soft a roller is by the numbers (designation: 0a-100a). The higher the number, the harder. If you intend to skate in skating halls more often, it is advisable to use softer rolls, because they offer more grip and especially in halls the floor is very slippery. In principle skater/scooters have a favourite value: 85a. Because it allows grip and at the same time a higher speed.


A small summary of what a good stunt roller must have:

  • Aluminium Deck
  • non-adjustable handlebars
  • Handlebars in one piece
  • Bars should be the height of your thighs
  • Qualitative headset
  • Rolling bearing with an aluminium core
  • cleanly processed welding seams (especially important on the fork)
  • Hardness between 75A – 90A
  • max load capacity 100Kg

A tip: If you plan to get from A to B, you should consider buying a penny board cheaply.


stunt scooter driving

Skating is one of the most expensive leisure activities. The stunt scooter is only the first step. Protective clothing and the constant wear and tear force us to invest permanently. This should not sound pejorative. On the contrary. You don’t just gain a leisure activity, but a community, friends and an attitude to life that cannot be compared. Stunt scooter TestSo, but now back to the topic. The best stunt scooters usually start at 50 $ and end at 250 $. As so often the price is proportional to the quality.

In other words, a more expensive model usually has the better quality. Nevertheless, we were able to determine that a scooter that cost 70-90 $ was completely satisfactory. So if you want to do a stunt scooter test, don’t forget to include the protective clothing (at least a helmet). If you are not sure if this is the right sport, you can just go to the skater park and talk to some people there. They might even lend you their scooter and then you can ride a stunt scooter and see if you like it.