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Best Hoverboards 2022


For the normal consumer it is certainly no easy task to find the “best Hoverboard”. There is a variety of different hoverboards, self balance scooters, electric scooters or e-skateboards. All many different names. Basically, however, each device has the same function. Of course there are also different companies with different models to satisfy all customers. The Hoverboard prices can be very different.

Which Hoverboards are worth buying? Rather at Amazon or directly to the dealer? We clarify.

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Information about Hoverboards


Are you looking for a means of transport that is easy to control and guarantees lots of driving fun? Then a so-called Hoverboards or also Self-Balance Scooter is exactly the right thing. The Hoverboard is a self-stabilising vehicle on two wheels. The board is steered by shifting the rider’s weight, which allows for forward and reverse driving, braking, steering and acceleration. In contrast to a penny board, longboard or a stunt scooter, you’re standing kind of crosswise on the hoverboard.

Hoverboard is composed of the words “hover” and “board” and means floating board. Nowadays it is quite easy to get familiar with the modern hoverboards. These electronically driven scooters are controlled by body balance.

Tip Hoverboard riding: Put the centre of gravity forward -> ride forward. Set the centre of gravity to the rear -> stop or drive backwards.

hoverboard driving

At the beginning you can feel very insecure, but don’t worry, practice makes perfect. You can get used to it very quickly and become the best driver.

Hoverboards were largely created by the famous Hollywood movie Back to the Future II in 1989 and since then science has been researching to actually let people fly with such vehicles. At the moment, however, marketing describes rather small boards with wheels attached to the sides.

Nowadays the development in this sector is so advanced that interested parties can easily buy such hoverboards. Hovering is not yet possible with this utensil, but there are many other fun activities that offer the user a lot of fun and variety. A Hoverboard was mainly a kind of Mini Segway or also an E-Board. There are a number of synonyms for this vehicle on the market.


The majority of scooters reach a maximum speed of 9 mph. Only a few models manage 12 mph or even 18 mph. Faster is not possible for safety reasons. With a full battery the range is about 9 – 18 miles. The most common tyre size is 6.5 inches. Some self-balancing scooters also have tyres with 8 or 10 inch diameter.

With some e-boards it is possible to connect them directly to the smartphone. Via Bluetooth the so-called self-diagnosis programs can be displayed on the smartphone. It is also possible to locate the vehicle via GPS and to set a child mode.

Users who like good music can also transfer the vehicle to the stereo system. The battery management was a developmental success. It is able to coordinate the battery cells and also provide the required power. If the vehicle is not used for a while, it goes into standby mode. The built-in sensors guarantee that the board stays in a vertical position. This makes a ride very easy and simple.


The market is growing more and more. In USA there are about 200 models from a little more than 30 manufacturers. Here too, it is worthwhile making a comparison. You can buy Hoverboards very cheap, so already under 100$. The price range goes from a little more than 100$ for the cheapest to more than 800$ for the most expensive board. A good hoverboard costs on average around 250$. The design of the individual price categories is different. Basically, the individual prices depend on the built-in features that the vehicle has to offer.


They are regularly offered in large specialty stores such as bestbuy, Walmart and similar stores that sell both electronic and sporting goods. They are also offered from time to time in other shops as special offers for a limited time. Experience shows that it is advisable to buy the board online.

In addition, the interested buyer can compare prices online with just a few mouse clicks. The seller puts detailed product information on the net for each device. Not infrequently, there are also test reports and reviews by other buyers for a particular model.

Where can the self-balancing boards be bought cheaply?

We have to keep our eyes open. There are always local and time-limited promotions where the devices are offered with sometimes considerable discounts. Occasions are, for example, the opening of a new shop or the reopening after a conversion or extension or even company anniversaries. Such local promotions are often announced by flyers or free direct mailings.

Before major holidays such as Christmas or Easter, there are always promotions where a lot of different products are offered at greatly reduced prices. If you want to get a bargain on these boards, you should pay close attention to the advertisements on TV and radio and also leaf through the brochures before they go into the bin.

What alternatives are there?

The boards are also available used. The best place to find them is on Ebay. Also various shopping apps offer partly quite good deals. Whoever buys a used self-balancing scooter from a private person should note that there is no guarantee for the device. To be sure that it is a legally purchased device, it is advisable to insist on the receipt. The buyer needs this anyway to make any warranty claims to the manufacturer.

Is it possible to try out the boards?

No, I’m afraid that’s not possible. When buying on the Internet, this is not possible anyway, but even when buying in a specialty store, the seller will hardly allow the customer to curve through the aisles with the board. However, there is a practical solution to the problem. Several companies on the Internet offer hoverboards as rental equipment – the scooters can be rented for one month at a time. This costs less than 20 Dollars.

In 4 weeks you have enough time to test the Hoverboard and find out if you like it or not. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the “hovering” scooters. If you like the board, you can order your own device. On the rental device he has learned in the meantime how it is controlled and how he has to keep his balance. Rental equipment is insured. This saves expensive surprises with your own equipment.


child drives hoverboard

In addition, parents should also ask themselves if the child is already able to use a Hoverboard. This requires a certain level of motor skills and a good sense of balance. In addition, the child must be prepared to use the board safely and deliberately away from and in traffic. A further question that should be asked when looking for a suitable hoverboard for children is the age at which boards for children can be considered.

In addition, parents should also ask themselves whether their child is already capable of using a hoverboard. This requires a certain level of motor skills and a well-developed sense of balance. In addition, the child must be willing to use the board safely and thoughtfully away from and in traffic. Another question that should be asked when looking for a suitable hoverboard for children is at what age boards for children are generally suitable.

A question of age: Hoverboard children 10 years

A Hoverboard from what age? Basically it is of course difficult to say if and when a child is old enough for hoverboards. However, according to various manufacturers’ recommendations, hoverboards are said to be suitable for children from the age of 10. Of course parents have to think about this and assess whether their offspring is already able to use a Hoverboard safely. Depending on the child and its development, this may well be the case sooner or later.

Physical condition and strength also play an important role. Even small and handy Hoverboards weigh around ten kilograms. This means that smaller children will often find it difficult to cope with such a board. In addition, when choosing a suitable hoverboard for children, weight should be considered in addition to size.

Hoverboard for children – the small differences

As already indicated, hoverboards today differ not only in price, design and the manufacturers who offer them: Modern hoverboards today also differ in weight and size. While some things make sure that there are Hoverboards for every taste, every demand and every budget, others make sure that almost every adult and also almost every child from a certain age will find a suitable board.

Even some children’s hoverboards are available in a wide range and for a fair price. But where can you get a hoverboard cheap for children or especially cheap? With this question a hoverboard comparison or a hoverboard review for children helps. Of course, in the segment that covers hoverboards for children, well-known and well-known manufacturers such as Swagtron, Razor, Halo Board or GoTrax are right at the top. However, a Hoverboard from brands like this could be the right choice to get along with. In addition, when choosing a suitable hoverboard for children, you should pay attention to the size and weight of the board.

The search for the right board – you should know

When searching for the right board for the offspring, the grandchild or the godchild, you should of course pay attention to more than just the brand/model. You should stick to things that even experts in hoverboard testing stick to: for example the range, speed, weight and loading time. All these things can differ as much as the design or the price – but they play a big role in later use. In addition, not every device from a lesser-known manufacturer has to be equipped with minor features. Not infrequently, a bargain can be made by a precise comparison.

But is a hoverboard for adults really different from a board for children? Yes and no. In any case, hoverboards for children should be smaller and lighter, as has already been indicated. In addition, the minimum weight required for each piece of equipment must be observed. Most of the time this is 44 pounds. Boards for children should also have a low speed for safety reasons. Boards with a maximum speed of 9 mph are best suited for this purpose. Faster boards are better in the hands of teenagers and adults. And: Last but not least, the right protective equipment should never be missing.


Hoverboards are enjoying ever increasing popularity. These self-balancing e-boards equipped with rather small wheels or small castors are not only something for boys, but also for girls. In the relevant trade there is already the Hoverboard girls section.

Hoverboards for girls and their characteristics

No matter if you buy a board for girls or one for boys, in both cases the basic equipment is basically the same. A hoverboard is a so-called e-board in the form of a two-track roller board with an electric drive. The driver stands on two small platforms, whereby the locomotion takes place via a corresponding weight shift in connection with a corresponding foot position. In contrast to a Segway, the Hoverboard is not equipped with a handlebar.

Tips for buying a Hoverboard

When buying a Hoverboard some rules should be taken to heart. The most important in this context is the issue of safety. When buying a Hoverboard you should pay attention to the corresponding certificates of the internationally recognized certificates. For example, if a Hoverboard is provided with the UL2272 certificate, the respective buyer can assume that the corresponding Hoverboard is safe.

The UL 2272 certificate certifies the safe functioning of the complete driving system. Further purchase criteria are the performance of a Hoverboard and its tyre size. A higher wattage is especially important when it comes to mastering smaller or larger climbs. If you want to be absolutely sure, you should make sure when buying that the board you have chosen has a good app to check the board for possible faults. Before buying, the board should definitely be tested to get the right feeling for safe riding.

The purchase of a Hoverboard for a little girl

If a girl wants to ride the respective board, the purchase criteria described above are basically the same. There are also some other special criteria to be considered. If you want to buy a hoverboard for girls, you should especially think about the size suitable for a girl and thus the handiness of the e-board. In contrast to an e-board for a boy, an e-board for a girl is allowed to have a lower weight. Another point is the design. An e-board for a girl will usually be a little more colourful.

The colours rose, pink, gold or red are more popular with girls. It is especially great if, for example, the rims of the respective e-board are illuminated. The ideal weight should be around 22 to a maximum of 26 pounds, so that the e-board is easy for a girl to control. The tyre size is also important. If the smallest tyres measure 4.5 inches and the largest tyres 10 inches, the medium sizes are 6.5 and 8 inches respectively. For children, and thus of course also for girls, a tire size of 6.5 inches is regularly ideal. Hoveboards with a tyre size of 6.5 inches are more agile and therefore easier to control.


There is a wide range of devices and manufacturers in specialist shops, but especially on the Internet (A Hoverboard Review). But many people ask themselves the question, which is the best way to get around. In the following article it is explained what one should pay attention to when buying a Hoverboard.

» Processing

It is important that the materials are as far as possible impact resistant. In addition, the battery should be protected by a cover, because it is always close to the ground and would react accordingly to wetness. However, the built-in sensors must also meet the minimum requirements. If a Hoverboard does not react at all in the way the driver wants it to, it is considered dangerous.

» Performance

The power of the device is indicated in watts. They usually contain two electric motors. These drive one wheel each and are built into the two pedals. Often the total motor power is between 600 and 800 watts.

» Range

Such a device often offers a range of between 9 and 12 miles. However, the highest possible range should be considered as a guideline. The real range is determined by the weight of the driver.

» Maximum possible load

Before you buy such a device, it is important to look at the maximum load capacity. Of course you should be able to keep to this. It is also advisable to look for a larger board if your body weight is particularly close to the maximum possible load of the respective model.

» Hoverboard speed

The highest possible speed when driving is often 9 miles per hour. In this case, it is important to consider the stated maximum speed only as a guideline, as it depends on numerous factors, such as the rider’s weight, battery condition and floor covering.

» Tyre type

As a buyer you have the possibility to choose between tubular tyres and solid tyres. Tubular tyres have a tyre size of ten inches. The tubular tyre consists of a tube which is mounted on a rim. The tube has the effect of a small shock absorber, which provides a more stable driving experience and compensates for unevenness. The disadvantage of the tubular tyre, on the other hand, is the natural wear and tear and the need to check the tyre pressure. The solid rubber tyre is more resistant and easier to maintain. Here the checking of the tire pressure is omitted. The optimal application area is for example on roads and cobblestones. Often the solid rubber tyre with a size between six and 8.5 inches comes under the E-board.

» tyre size

There are different sizes on the market. Tyres are often available from six to ten inches. Small tyres are suitable for hard surfaces and flat surfaces. The eight-inch tyres are also suitable for the roads. Even the ten-inch tyres can be used on the road. However, their strength usually lies in more impassable terrain, such as lawns or forest tracks.

» battery

Because the battery is one of the most safety relevant parts of such a device, it should be purchased from brand manufacturers. Because the danger with No Name batteries is that they have a short life expectancy or catch fire while charging.

» lighting

Many manufacturers have installed LED headlights under Hoverboards. The lighting fulfils three purposes at once: It illuminates the track, so that unevenness can be seen and assessed better. It also serves as a brake light. The LEDs also round off the futuristic overall impression of the Hoverboards.


Good hoverboards are very trendy, they are fun and also keep you fit. Once you’ve got the taste, you probably won’t want to miss this great experience anymore. But until it is time, there are still a few hurdles to overcome. An indispensable point is the following question: How do you ride Hoverboard? Just the thought of this self-balancing vehicle makes you curious on the one hand and makes you despair on the other hand. No doubt – a little practice and a lot of patience is absolutely necessary. After all, there is neither a steering wheel (hoverboard with bar) nor steering elements. The only thing that counts is your own body weight. By clever, targeted shifting, acceleration and braking can be achieved. Turning and directional changes are also implemented in this way. You should definitely read Hoverboard review reports.

Riding a Hoverboard – but correctly

Of course, the first attempts at standing will not immediately lead to success. Just keeping your balance is a small step towards success. If the beginning was successful, you can start into the second level and you can try to complete small distances without any other road users. A quiet area, level terrain and lots of space should ideally be available. You should also make sure that you wear the right clothes when driving. Injuries can be limited to a large extent with protective clothing, including helmet, arm protectors and knee pads. You should not be too quick to be convinced of your own performance. A little restraint is the better advice instead. Because high speeds can occur very quickly, so there is naturally a greater risk of injury. If you are still insecure and cannot act in time, you put yourself and others in danger. It is also advisable to consciously train your ability to react. As soon as you get on the Hoverboard, you have to be mentally fit or you have to practice various reactions.

The correct driving needs some practice

It should not be forgotten that hoverboarding is a proper physical activity. You will not stand relaxed under any circumstances and the board works independently. Rather you have to send constant impulses. Even the smallest movements have a great effect. It is best if the first riding lessons are given together with a competent and experienced guide. It can also be helpful if you watch real experts and thus understand how to react correctly. Every action causes a reaction on the Hoverboard. The positive thing about this fascinating sport is that with a little perseverance you will discover the right momentum for yourself. As long as you have cracked the principle, you can definitely really talk about driving fun that can be achieved with relatively simple means. Without a lot of technical equipment you can move smoothly, cover long distances and achieve high speed. The best conditions for an exciting and active hobby.

Balance and body control

Perfect body control should be guaranteed. Nevertheless, caution is required in road traffic. Always remain cautious up to a certain point, even if you are clearly successful. This way you can enjoy your new Hoverboard for a long time and do something for your fitness. The holistic training helps to strengthen the body muscles and reduces superfluous fat. Psyche and Physis work ideally coordinated when riding the Hoverboard.