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Kids roller skates, adjustable & cheap

Roller skates for children are a great introduction to roller sports. Driving is much easier to learn and the risk of injury is lower. The child can therefore do sports and have fun at the same time. There are also some things that should be considered. Children’s feet are in a permanent growth process, therefore the roller skates should be adjustable in size. Furthermore, the shoes must fit 100% perfectly, otherwise it can lead to problems later in life. Weight also plays a decisive role. The roller skates for children must not weigh more than 5 kg together. There are models that are more suitable for younger children than for older ones. This refers to 2in1 roller skates. These have wider axles and are made of hard plastic. This increases the stability around the ankles. In principle, hard plastic is better suited for children anyway. Furthermore, the same factors apply as for the adult roller skates. Although the risk of injury is lower than with other skating sports (penny board etc.), protective clothing should not be avoided. As a beginner, you don’t really know how to behave correctly when it comes to a fall. This is a skill that unfortunately only comes with time and falls. For this reason a helmet is indispensable here.

A question of motivation

Children can sometimes act very sporadically. This can already start with the respective sports. One day the child would like nothing better than roller skates and then on another day, it can be something completely different. That is why it is important that they stick to one thing and to support this you can use certain motivation tips. The best way would be to do something together. You and your child experience a lot together and that is a good thing. It supports development and self-discovery. If you do not have the time to do this yourself, someone else will do it for you. If your child has an idol, who, for example, rides roller skates, you can take advantage of this, as for example in the series Soy Luna with the Soy Luna roller skates. All in all it can be said that with a few tricks you can increase the motivation of the child.