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Street skate

is for skaters and those who want to be. Often future skaters have the intention to do such a sport, but many don’t know which one it should be. The choice is big. We would like to help you to find the right hobby for you. On our site you will find various products and advice from professional skaters. We want to fry you as good as possible and support you with various features, such as a sophisticated filter, which gives your wishes more priority. Furthermore we explain in our advisor articles which factors you should consider before buying your product. We will also let you know if a product is currently discounted. If you are just looking for tutorials, such as how to learn to ride a penny board, we can help you as well. Street skate also offers a wealth of information that you can use to get better at your sport.

Penny Boards US/UK

They are small and handy and are perfectly suited as means of transport. Furthermore penny boards are very cheap.


Longboards US/UK

Longboards are bigger and heavier than penny boards. There are also several types (freeride, downhill, etc). Longboarding is a great thing, but also dangerous. You should not underestimate such sports. If you are looking for a longboard for beginners, we can help you to find your dream board.


Roller Skates US/UK

For roller skates there are several variations. The hype is at the top again this year. Again, you should not just buy blind, but read through exactly what is important when you are looking for roller skates for adults. Again, the sophisticated filter is there to support you!


Waveboards/Maxboards US/UK

A sport that is very closely related to surfing. The main goal in wavboarding is to have fun. It is rather unsuitable to get from A to B. If you want to buy a Waveboard/Maxboard, you can do this with our detailed guide article.


Stunt Scooter US/UK

You can often see them at the skater park performing their tricks. A very elegant sport. How big should the bar be? Do such questions bother you? Then you will find the right answer on our site. We offer you the best stunt scooters!


Hoverboards US/UK

The latest news of 2015 is not going to be bad even a few years later. With electric drive on the sidewalk to school or work. The Hoverboard makes it possible. We have put together a small selection of recommendable models that you should consider when making a purchase decision. Have a look at our Hoverboards with pleasure.


Light shoes US/UK

Even in 2020, the so-called light shoes are still as popular as in 2019.


Our team wishes you much fun and success in your search.