Downhill Longboards - quick tip

Good Downhill Longboards - which are the best ones?

Junli Longboard Complete Downhill

  • Brands: Junli
  • Device: Longboard Downhill

seething Longboard Complete Downhill

  • Brands: seething
  • Device: Longboard Downhill

Magneto Longboards Downhill

  • Brands: Magneto
  • Device: Longboard Downhill

Downhill driving is one of the most dangerous sports in the world, as top speeds of up to 62 mph are reached and the risk of injury is enormously high. Unlike cruisers or carvers, not only the deck of the Downhill Board is adapted. At such high speeds, all components are designed not to buckle.



downhill deck

Downhill Longboard DeckSuch a downhill deck is narrower and lower. Additionally it is slightly curved downwards. This is also called drop. The reason for a shape like this are: good longboard axes. This distributes the weight of the rider completely on both axles. The more weight is on the axles, the more they are literally pressed onto the road. This means that the axles have more grip, which is great for cornering at high speed. There are two types, both of which have their advantages: Drop-through and top-mount. Which one is the right one depends on your experience. A longboard beginner should tend to the drop-throughs, while an advanced rider should prefer a top mount.


The axles used are called reverse kingpin trucks. What is indispensable at higher speeds? Exactly, stability. These trucks (= axles) are designed to keep the truck from spinning even at high speeds. The most used and recommended axle type is the Reverse Kingpin. The width is also decisive. Remember one thing: Wheelbites are really mean. So we want to avoid this as best we can. For this purpose the trucks should be wide enough so that the wheels are free. Most of the time the deck is already cut out at the places, but you should pay attention to that. Also, wider trucks offer more stability. Another important factor is the angle. The smaller the angle, the more control you have over the longboard at higher speeds. For the steering rubbers we recommend harder barrel bushings (= cylindrical steering rubbers).


High speed and curves can only be mastered if neither the rear nor the front part breaks away. To counteract this, a good grip of the rollers helps. Mostly Sharp-lipped Lip Profile rollers are used. In addition to the necessary grip, they allow slides (= rollers lose grip) if desired.


The Longboard Downhill belongs to the classics of the longboard scene. If you are still a longboard beginner, you should learn to cruise/carve before, because this is the basis for it! In addition, you should not do without protective clothing (downhill shoes, downhill pants, downhill shirt) just get some downhill protection!



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