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Roller skates or rollerblades/inline skates?

Roller skates for adults are easier to ride” ; or: “Inliners ride faster” are statements that you read often. But what is true and what is “better” in the end? Let’s start at the beginning: Both enjoy their advantages, but at the same time have their own pitfalls.

What is easier to learn?

Opinions on this are mixed. 50% are of the opinion that inliners are easier to ride and the other 50% insist that roller skates are lighter. However, it is easier to keep your balance on roller skates because they have two axles, which in turn helps you feel safe. Consequently, in theory, it should be easier to learn how to ride. Roller skates also have a stopper that makes braking easier.

What are the advantages of roller skates?

Probably the biggest advantage is the mobility. Those who attach great importance to this will have more fun with the rolling shoes. This is especially good if you consider doing tricks or even downhill riding. The reason for this is the nature of the materials, as they are much thinner and softer. Therefore they are also called soft boots or canvas shoes. In some shoes the ankles are exposed, which in turn leads to even more flexibility. As already briefly mentioned, tricks are possible. This is also another advantage over inliners. Jumping down five steps is no problem for roller skates. This is also possible with inline skates, but only with a lot of practice. Furthermore, roller skates are particularly suitable for children, as they are generally better able to handle them. Furthermore, children have a rather weak musculature. For this reason they bend over faster with inline skates.

What are the advantages of inliners?

Due to the smaller contact surface between rollers and road, you can reach higher speeds with inline skates. They are also better equipped to cope with uneven surfaces. So if you plan to make longer trips, inline skates are much more comfortable.


Both parties have their advantages and disadvantages. The decision is entirely up to you. Weigh what is more important to you. Furthermore, you can go to a shop and try both. We hope that this information has helped you and wish you good luck in your decision making.


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