Waveboard Tricks

If you have bought a Maxboard or Waveboard, you can take the next step which is TRICKS:


One of the easiest, relatively speaking, is the manual. There is a difference between the normal and the nose manual. With the normal manual you shift your weight slightly backwards so that you take off with the front wheel. It is very important to keep your balance. The nose manual works on the same principle. The only difference is that you shift your weight to the front foot.

Trick #2 360º

It is one of the most stylish tricks. The 360 is based on the manual ! You shift your weight forward again, so that the rear wheel lifts off the ground. Then you move your entire upper body by 180° (the lower body is pulled along). Before you land, you shift your weight to the rear wheel and do the same with your upper body, again by another 180°. Ready is the 360.


This trick belongs to the king’s class. As easy as it sounds, be warned that this trick can be painful. As you ride, you jump off the waveboard and turn your upper body 180°. To do this upper body movement, it is helpful if you stick out your arms and turn like a ballerina.