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How to ride a Penny Board

First of all: Learning to ride a Penny Board is not difficult! If you already skate or longboard, you don’t need to worry. I will explain to you step by step how you can learn to ride in the shortest time possible.


Go to a place where the roads are level. At best, it should not be a mountain. Now put your left or right foot (right-handed = left foot | left-handed = right foot) on the board. Position your foot so that the front part of the boot slightly covers the two front screws. This way your weight is on the front axle and you have more control over the board.


Now comes the more difficult part. Most beginners tend to bend their upper body slightly back or forward. This is pretty much the worst thing you can do. When you start riding like this, the board slides away from your feet pretty fast. The reaction is actually quite normal.

Beginners often have a lot of respect for the penny board, so they think they can stand better if they want to jump off. But this thesis is definitely wrong. For this reason it is essential to stand upright and thus distribute the weight evenly on the axles.

After these detailed safety instructions we can take the next step: Push off with your right or left foot and drive off slowly. At the beginning it is quite normal not to get it right away. If it doesn’t work even after 50 attempts, you can set the axles a bit harder. In principle, beginners find it easier to learn to ride the Penny Board with harder axles anyway.


If you have successfully mastered the starting, you can already slowly increase the speed and also push twice in a row. If you can drive, you should also be able to brake. There are 2 methods.


The method works similar to the way trams brake. You put your foot, with which you hit the ground, on the ground while driving and literally push it into the ground. The advantage is controlled braking and also possible at higher speeds. Unfortunately, the sole of the shoe wears out very quickly.


Your right/left leg is running with this. During the ride you brake by braking as you do when sprinting. You tense up your entire kick leg and shift part of your weight onto it. Then you press your foot on the ground. You will see that your foot is carried along. At a certain point you pull it up again on the right side. You do this until you stand. Compared to the first method, this is much more effective, but also more strenuous.

Just don’t do it at too high a speed.

As you can see, learning to ride the Penny Board is not that hard. So if you buy a penny board in the future, you don’t need to worry about it. Of course you will probably fall down, but believe me when I say that you will learn how to fall down without hurting yourself seriously.