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Penny Board tricks

Why do skaters do tricks? Because it looks awesome and also creates a feeling of success. There is nothing better than standing a trick. You bought a penny board to do tricks with? That’s a bit harder, because it’s not designed for that. But it is not impossible! In this tutorial I will show you three tricks that also work without a griptape. How difficult a trick is, you can see from the stars. The more stars, the more difficult. Of course the basic requirement is that you have completed the penny board riding course. 

Photo by Grant Ritchie


It is considered one of the simplest tricks. Still, he’s damn good-looking. Basically, it’s quite simple: You put your back foot on the kicktail. Then, slowly but surely, you shift your weight to that foot. You do this until your board tips backwards. There’s a little trick to it. The best way to do this is to try to keep your balance while standing. If you can hold it for a few seconds, you are ready for the manual while riding. 

Trick #2 NO COMPLY – 180

There is no such thing as the one No Comply. No complies are many tricks that are relatively simple and yet look cool. Before I write a novel here about how to stand No Comply 180, there is a great YouTube video that explains this much better: 

Photo by kylie De Guia
Photo by Caleb Martinez


In terms of difficulty, I would include him among the No Complies. The foot position is the same as on the No Comply 180 (foot on the kicktail and the other, in the middle of the board). The trick comes in two versions: Pop shove it and shove it. Pop = Jump. Either your board turns in the air or it slides over the ground. The Shove it is a bit easier in the beginning, but can only be done on good ground and at medium speed. The trick is relatively simple. All you have to do is pull the foot that is positioned on the kicktail backwards together with the board. Now your penny board will start to spin uncontrolled. To get a controlled movement in, you have to “catch” the board, i.e. put your feet back on the deck at the right moment.