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Product selection_
Evaluation procedure

On our skating comparison portal we compare the most different products of all kinds. The product recommendations are created independently from all manufacturers. Here you will find all factors that influence our decisions.

All important product features

For each product it is possible to identify objectively ascertainable characteristics. For skating products e.g. battery life, LED, wheels, design and other device characteristics.
Since there are many different products in each category, we use certain points as measurement and evaluation values.

Our assessment

We attach great importance to the fact that our articles are carefully researched. Since we want to provide our visitors with the best possible answers to their questions, our editors spend hours researching.
This is the only way we can form an objective opinion on products and make qualified recommendations.

price-performance ratio

The most expensive product is not always the best choice. The price-performance ratio is very important to us. The properties of the product also have to match the performance.
That is why our articles always contain product recommendations with the best price-performance ratio.

Our comparisons

own product comparisons

There are countless product comparisons on the Internet. But that is not enough for us. In order to get a perfect overall picture of products and their comparisons, our editorial team compares the products themselves.

We attach great importance to which products we recommend and which can be found on our website. That’s why everything is carefully checked once again before a contribution is published.

External product comparisons

There are countless trade journals or bloggers who compare products also through other sources. These comparisons are included in our final result by our editorial staff, so that we can provide particularly objective articles.

Since we cannot influence the external comparisons, we cannot work error-free. Should we discover technical errors in our wheel encoder articles, we will of course correct them immediately


NOTE: We would also like to point out again that we do not carry out any product tests!

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