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Stick on Griptape – Tutorial

One of the most difficult steps in the assembly of a penny board/longboard for beginners. One small mistake and the griptape is gone. Therefore pay special attention here.

Step 1

Place the sandpaper-like tape on the board so that it completely covers your deck.

Step 2

Now you pull the foil a little bit, so that a small part is free. Now stick this part to the nose end/tail end and put your hand on it.

Step 3

Slowly pull the foil further and further. In doing so, you go along with the hand that was previously at the nose/tail. It is important that you always press the griptape onto the deck and when this is done, check for any bubbles. If they are in the middle, gently prick with a small needle and stroke the area again with your hand. If they are on the side, you may be able to push them out. Otherwise do the same with the needle again.

Step 4

Take a cutter knife in your hand. Carefully cut into the griptape until you touch the deck. Then turn the cutter 90° (so that it points to you)

Step 5

Slowly cut off the excess griptape.

Visually: Stick on Griptape

Peel off the grip tape

Normally a good Griptape lasts for a good year. A deck does not last a whole year by far. By then the tail will most likely have shrunk completely. Sometimes it can still happen that you have to change the tape prematurely. Just in advance: It can become a real frustration. Therefore I recommend a Grip Gum/Eraser first of all. This erases the dirt.


If that does not help, this tutorial may be able to help you: