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Clean ball bearings

Here you can choose between two methods. One method only takes a few minutes, but it is very superficial and not as effective as the other method.

Method 1 (short)

All you need is a rag and WD-40, or another multi-purpose spray. Basically, it works quite simply. All you have to do to clean your ball bearing is to turn your wheels and spray the fat-oil mixture into it. Spray it also into the back. Use the cloth to prevent the excess liquid from dripping onto the floor. That’s the end of “cleaning”. As you have already noticed, this method is rather meant to lubricate the ball bearing. Nevertheless this is great, especially when the board is a bit older and the total amount of grease is lower.

Method 2 (long)

You’ll need a few more utensils to do that. On the one hand a cleaning agent (brake cleaner is very suitable). You will also need a knife (preferably a cutter). Now there are two means to lubricate your ball bearings again:



2. You use standard WD-40.


Both have the same task, namely to clean your ball bearings. Of course the former is better, but not absolutely necessary. If you have all things ready, you can start now.

1. Step: Remove rollers and ball bearings

How you develop the roles, you know: To remove the bearings, you either need a special tool or you don’t. Sounds a little shady… There are special tools
for this, but which are not really necessary. If you bought a penny board or a longboard for beginners, stunt scooter or adult roller skates, you don’t need anything else than your axle. There is a wonderful YT video for this:

2. Step: Remove Shield

The shield is the inner ring that prevents dirt from entering the bearing directly. There are ball bearings whose shield is made of metal. These cannot be removed. If there is a shield, you can lever it out from the inside with a knife (cutter).

3. Step: Brake cleaner – bath

Put some brake cleaner or nitro thinner in a container. Then put the open ball bearings in and shake the container a little. You will see that the liquid gets darker. Keep shaking until the liquid does not get darker. Next, you tilt the solution out and repeat the process twice more.

4. Step: Oiling

When the bearings are dry, you can add about 2-4 drops of the oil.

5. Step: Assemble

There, it’s done. Now you just have to assemble and screw everything together.

1-5 steps: Visual