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The best carving longboards and cruisers

Carving Longboard DeckCarving is in simple terms a further development of cruising. When drivers carve, it means that they make tight turns. In general, this is often used to master narrow passages. You also have the possibility to drive very tight serpentines, which in turn helps when braking. Because the potential energy is minimized by the tight corners. A carving board is therefore designed to be as agile as possible. This only works if wheelbites (deck touches wheels, leads to jerky stopping of the wheels + to put it mildly: rider flies on the muzzle) are avoided. To prevent this from happening, either the wheels are not directly under the deck but next to it, or the deck is cut out where the wheels are.

Special components

You can choose between the Reverse Kingpin and the normal skateboard axes. They should also be a bit smaller (150mm or 180mm) to make better turns. Furthermore a bigger angle is recommended. The softer the steering rubbers, the smoother is your longboard. For this reason top bushings are perfect for this.